Send Your Bitcoins
Send your paper wallet balance directly to a wallet that doesn’t support paper wallet imports. This tool sweeps the private key and sends the balance to a single Bitcoin address of your choice.

Please note:

  • NEVER use this tool to send Bitcoin to an address you do not control.
  • The full balance will be removed from the paper wallet. It is not possible to send partial amounts.
  • DO NOT use this tool if you do not trust the source. Make sure you see a green ‘lock’ in your browser and that you’re reading this on
  • This site will ask for your paper wallet private key to send the funds.
  • We do not transmit, store, or save your private key.
This service is provided with ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY and Bitaccess IS NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY LOST FUNDS. Once Bitcoin is sent, there is absolutely no way to reverse the transaction. Use this tool at your own risk.
Enter Your Private Key
Please enter your Bitcoin Private Key. What's this?
Or hit SCAN QR CODE to scan your key.
You have scanned/entered something that is not a PRIVATE key. If you are scanning a paper wallet, make sure you scan the QR code of the PRIVATE key.
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You have pending transactions. Please wait at least 10 minutes and then try again.
Send Your Bitcoins
Please enter the Bitcoin Address you wish to send to. What's this?
Or hit SCAN QR CODE to use your camera.
ONLY enter an address that YOU CONTROL.
Error: You have scanned/entered something that is not a Bitcoin Address.
Amount: ? BTC
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Your bitcoins have been sent. Have a nice day!
You are attempting to send the bitcoins to the same address you are sending from. This just wastes money.